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West Of 60

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Passover Seder 2015

On Wednesday evening 1 April 2015, 32 members and guests celebrated Passover-Seder in our church Fellowship Hall. It was led by Pastor Tom Oosterhuis with all of those attending participating. An informative, spiritual, and enjoyable evening was experienced by all!

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Liberation 2015 by West of 60

The 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands (5 May 1945) was celebrated in our church fellowship hall. Over 180 people attended and listened to 19 story-tellers who recounted family stories from that time. Memorabilia and a photo gallery also portrayed that time period.

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West of 60’s Summer in the City

The outing included a visit to the Louise McKinney Park, viewing the Chinese Garden and the Shumka stage, walking over the wooden bridge to Henrietta Muir Gardens, and then taking the street car over the High Level Bridge to Strathcona.

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West of 60 at the Native Healing Centre

June 11, 2014 A busload of West End members over 60, about 40, visited the Edmonton Native Healing Centre. They heard Harold Roscher explain the activities of the Centre, and enjoyed a lunch of soup and bannock. Photos and a short video clip provided by Fred Schuld....

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West of 60 Bus Trip

May 10, 2014 A group of 33 seniors made an overnight trip to Drumheller and Rosebud. Photos of the trip provided by Jim Vriend. [button link="https://picasaweb.google.com/110338700997175790125/West60Drumheller?authkey=Gv1sRgCJGe1suiqfKRJw" color="silver"...

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West of 60 Special Event

March 26, 2014 ‘West of 60′ celebrated its first-year anniversary with a mini bazaar and luncheon. Over 50 guests were greeted with four tables of crafts, and tasty baking they could purchase. There was also a raffle for several unique gift and food items. After a...

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Winspear Centre and City Hall

January 16, 2014 Approximately twenty seniors from the WestOf60 group rode a bus downtown for a guided tour of the Winspear Centre (including a sandwich lunch provided by the Winspear), and then walked over to Edmonton’s City Hall for a guided tour of that building....

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