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Children’s Ministry


A one year old child playing in his room

Childcare is provided for children up to age 3 during the Sunday morning service and during all special holiday worship services. Volunteers consist of moms, dads, grandparents, and young people over 12.

When you as a parent enter the nursery, you will be greeted by a volunteer or the parent-in-charge for that day. You will be asked to sign your child in and record any special instructions. Your child’s juice cup and diaper bag can be labelled with materials provided.

You are welcome to visit the nursery to check on your child at any time during the service. Common points in the service to ‘peek’ are when the Sunday School children leave and/or when the sermon ends.

The nursery has two sections:

  • Babies & Toddlers: This section provides a fun and nurturing environment for children up to 18 months old. Appropriate toys and activities are available in addition to sleeping or being changed. And, of course, loving arms for cuddling.
  • Preschoolers: This section is for children age 18 months to 3 years. The toys and activities in this room include riding toys, indoor slide, colouring books, and reading books. Babies less than 18 months old can ‘graduate’ to this room if their parents think they are ready for the transition.
Faith Walk

SpCamp02w2Children age 3 to grade 3 are invited and encouraged to participate in the Faith Walk program during the Sunday morning service. Regular classes include Bible stories, life lessons, crafts, games, fun, and friendship.

Faith Walk Goal: Helping kids grow in faith. The program helps kids discover how stories in the Bible connect to reveal God’s unfolding plan of salvation. It encourages them to respond with their hearts and lives.

The teachers use the Walk With Me curriculum, which has seven major values:

  • Biblical and reformed — children receive a strong biblical foundation.
  • Grows faith—sessions are designed to encourage children to live out their faith.
  • Easy to use—flexible, easy to prepare, and with lots of tips for leaders.
  • Kid-friendly—activities that will appeal to different learning styles.
  • Fun—the gospel is good news so it should be fun!
  • Celebrates diversity—children learn the value of a diverse world.
  • Builds community—children learn to encourage and care for others, learn together.

Note: The children sit with their parents and participate in the service for the first 20 to 25 minutes, until just before the sermon. When it is time to leave the sanctuary, after the children’s blessing and a brief prayer, parents may go with their children find the right classroom. Details such as the exact age groups can be found in the weekly bulletin and also will be announced by the service leader. Children of visitors are welcome to participate. Teachers, other parents, or ushers are available to help the children find their way.

Cadets Boys' Club


Cadet Boys’ Club 
Boys in grades 3 to 6 (age 7 to 12) meet at the church on the first three Thursdays of the month, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. Regular meetings include lessons, special projects, sports, and merit badge work. Special activities include such things as participation in Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Butterdome, a winter snow derby, an outdoor hockey night, an ice fishing expedition, a summer campout, as well as church and community service projects. Boys do not need to be members of this congregation to join the Cadet* group. All are welcome

*The Cadets (Calvinist Cadet Corps) is an independent (non-denominational) youth ministry organization whose purpose is to provide the local church with ministry programs that will enable them to effectively share Christ’s love with boys from their church and community. Founded in 1952, the Corps has more than 600 clubs throughout North America, a brother organization in Australia and New Zealand, and since 2006 has been working in Kenya and Uganda. The organization uses the title “Calvinist” to honor the Protestant reformer, John Calvin, who devoted his life to the religious education of God’s children.

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GEMS Girls' Club (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Saviour)





GEMS Girls’ Club  
Girls in grades 3 to 6 (age 7 to 12) meet at the church on the first three Thursdays of the month, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. Regular meetings include lessons, bible stories, singing, small group activities, badge work, crafts, games, snacks, as well as church and community service projects. Girls are welcome to participate in GEMS* whether or not they are members of this congregation. All are welcome.

* At GEMS girls (click on the blue link to see more) are welcomed into a vibrant community of mentors and peers who genuinely care about them. GEMS offers girls the perfect place to learn and grow as they discover who God created them to be. Along with this all-important relationship between each girl and Christ, other relationships are nurtured as well–between girls and between girls and their counselor/leader. The ministry of GEMS has been serving churches since about 1955. More than 20,000 girls are members of GEMS Girls’ Clubs, with some 5000 women serving as their counselors and mentors.

GEMS Verse“And what does the Lord require of you? To do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with our God.” (Micah 6:8)


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