May 24 – 10:00 am

God Calls Us to Worship  
Song of Approach:  Be Unto Your Name
Call to Worship and God’s Greeting
Song:  LUYH 601 All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name vs 1-4

We are Reconciled to God
We Confess Our Sins
God Assures Us of His Forgiveness
God Reminds Us How to Live
Song:  We Fall Down

God Comes to Us in His Word  
Children’s Message
Children’s Songs:  Sing! A New Creation 41, He is exalted and King of Kings and Lord of Lords
We Pray for the Holy Spirit’s Presence and Help
Scripture Reading:  Acts 1:1-11; Heb 1:8-14
Message:  “Crowning the One Who Counts”

We Respond with Prayer and Thanks  
Song of Response:  LUYH 223 Crown Him with Many Crowns vs 1-4
Congregational Prayer
Offering Introduction Back to God Ministries
Prayer for Back to God Ministries

God Sends Us With a Blessing    
God’s Blessing:   Heb 13:20-21
Parting Song:   LUYH 861 Lord, Be Glorified vs 1-4

At WECRC we believe Christians are called to be generous with the resources God has entrusted to us. We are inspired to give freely of ourselves, our time, our talents and our treasures as the visible expression of our love for God and each other.During this period of COVID-19 we encourage you to continue tithing and steady giving, recognizing that some of you will be hard hit financially in this difficult time. May God provide.

How to Give

This Weeks offering cause:

Back to God Ministries International:  Our offering today is for Back to God Ministries International: the multi-media ministry of the Christian Reformed Church.  They proclaim the story of God’s unfailing love worldwide, by using media that effectively communicates Christ in the “heart language” of those in need of salvation and discipleship, in order that lives and communities might be transformed by God’s grace.  ReFrame Media is the English language ministry of Back to God Ministries International. Their English ministry produces eight unique program streams which are designed to reach audiences of all ages in all stages of their faith journey.  They use audio, video, print and internet programming to share the Gospel to people who speak English around the world. As we navigate this time of anxiousness and the unknown, it is their prayer that these resources will bring peace to our lives and to the lives of our loved ones.  Know also that BTGMI’s international ministries are providing similar content in nine other languages for believers and seekers around the world who are also struggling.

Next week:  Resonate Global Missions (formerly CRWM & CRHM): On Pentecost we celebrate the pouring out of God’s Spirit to bring the Good News of Jesus throughout the world. Our offering will be for Resonate Ministries. Resonate helps CRC congregations to fulfill the Great Commission. We do this by sending sons and daughters of the CRC to over 25 countries and by partnering with churches and organizations, here and abroad, to build the Church of Jesus Christ and extend the Kingdom of God all around the world.