This Sunday

Order of Service


March 19, 2023

Prelude: Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)


God Calls Us to Worship

Opening Prayer
*Song of Approach: LUYH 590 vss 1-5, 8, Oh, for a Thousand Tongues to Sing
*Call to Worship
*God’s Greeting
*Song: O Praise The Name (Anástasis)


We Are Called to Reconciliation

Call to Confession
Prayer of Confession
Song: : LUYH 639, Lord, Have Mercy (play once, sing 2x)
Assurance of Pardon
God Reminds Us How to Live
We Celebrate God’s Promises in Baptism: Norah Wren Boonstra
Song: LUYH 770 vss 1-4, In Christ Alone

God Comes to Us in His Word

Children’s Message
*Children’s Song: LUYH 610, Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
(Children in Pre K to grade 6 leave for FaithWalk/Compel!)
We Pray for the Holy Spirit’s Presence and Help
Scripture: Luke 23:1-12
(pg 1504 of the pew Bible)
Message: In the Courtroom: Herod

We Respond with Prayer and Thanks

*Song of Response: LUYH 137 vss 1-3, Christ, the Life of All the Living 
Congregational Prayer
Offering Introduction: Calvin Theological Seminary
Offertory: Jesus Paid It All


God Sends Us With a Blessing

*God’s Blessing
*Parting Song: LUYH 938, My Friends, May You Grow In Grace

Postlude: Run to the Father



Post Service Prayer. There will be a prayer team available after the service for intercessory prayer. Please proceed to the back of the sanctuary following the last song