This Sunday

Order of Service


May 22, 2022

Pre-service: Grace Alone


God Calls Us To Worship

*Song of Approach: Shout to the North
*Call to Worship
*God’s Greeting
*Song: Psalm 91, Whoever Lives Beside the Lord 

We are Reconciled to God

Prayer of Confession
Song: Lord Have Mercy
Assurance of Pardon
God’s Will for Our Lives


God Comes to Us in His Word

Children’s Message
*Children’s Song:  Friends Love One Another
(Children age 3-grade 3 leave for FaithWalk)
We Pray for the Holy Spirit’s Presence and Help
Scripture Reading: Hebrews 13:1-3
(pg. 1718 of the pew Bible)
Message: Entertaining Angels


We Respond with Prayer and Thanks

*Song of Response:  PsH 545 vss 1-3, Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
(Grades 4-6 leave for Compel!)
Congregational Prayer
Offering Introduction: Mission Support—The Bridge
Prayer for Mission Support—The Bridge
Song as a prayer: LUYH 877 vss 1,2,5, We Give Thee but Thine Own


God Sends Us With His Blessing

*God’s Blessing: Hebrews 13:20,21
*Parting Song:  Doxology (Amen)

Postlude: King of Kings