September 19, 2021 – 10:00 am

Pre-service Song: The Power of Your Love 

God Calls Us to Worship 
*Song of Approach: Come Thou Fount Come Thou King
*Call to Worship
*God’s Greeting
*Song: LUYH 331 vss 1-2, To the Hills I lift My Eyes  

We are Reconciled to God
We Confess Our Sins
God Assures Us of His Forgiveness
God Reminds Us How to Live
Song:   LUYH 613 vss 1-4, Come to the Saviour Now 

God Comes to Us in His Word
Children’s Message:
*Children’s Song:  LUYH 26 vss 1,2,6, He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands
We Pray for the Holy Spirit’s Presence and Help
Scripture Reading: Jonah 2
(pg. 1324 in the Old Testament of pew Bibles)
Message: Gut Wrenching Prayer 

We Respond with Prayer and Thanks
*Song of Response: Take My Life
Congregational Prayer
Offering Introduction: Global Missions Support
Prayer for Global Missions Support

God Sends Us With a Blessing 
*God’s Blessing: Ephesians 6:23,24
*Parting Song: LUYH 947, We Receive Your Blessing  


Post Service Zoom Prayer:

At WECRC we believe Christians are called to be generous with the resources God has entrusted to us. We are inspired to give freely of ourselves, our time, our talents and our treasures as the visible expression of our love for God and each other.  During this period of COVID-19 we encourage you to continue tithing and steady giving, recognizing that some of you will be hard hit financially in this difficult time. May God provide.

How to Give

TODAY: Global Missions Support. West End CRC currently supports two missionaries with the denomination, the Timmermans and the Strydhorst’s. The Timmermans recently shared an update that they’re excited about working with the Russian-speaking Diaspora in Canada, who they strongly feel is an unreached group of people. They’re excited about the opportunity to work more openly in sharing the Gospel, without some of the Government restrictions that have previously been a struggle. Look for more in Directions!

NEXT WEEK: Hope Mission – Herb Jamieson Center. The new Herb Jamieson Center will significantly improve the quality of care and services offered to community members experiencing homelessness in Edmonton. Areas of improvement include additional 24/7 shelter spaces, improved accessibility and health supports and a design that allows for a transition to a housing focused shelter model. Tim Pasma, Manager of Homeless Programming at Hope Mission, will give a short presentation in next week’s service.