April 18, 2021 – 10:00 am

Preservice:  Living Hope    

God Calls Us to Worship  
*Song of Approach:  LUYH 574 vss 1-2, How Great is Our God
*Call to Worship and God’s Greeting
*Song:  Build Your Kingdom Here Build Your Kingdom Here, vss 1-3 

We are Reconciled to God
Call to Confession
Song:  LUYH 327 vss 1-3, When We Walk with the Lord 

God Comes to Us in His Word
Children’s Message
*Children’s Song:  :  LUYH 683 vss 1-3, How Great is the Love of the Father
We Pray for the Holy Spirit’s Presence and Help
Scripture Reading:  Proverbs 13:20; 1 Thessalonians 1:2-10 (pg. 921 in the Old Testament and 1681 in the New Testament of pew Bibles)
Message:  Walking with Jesus Together 

We Respond with Prayer and Thanks
*Song of Response:  Who You Say I Am, vss 1-2
(Grades 4-6 leave for Compel!)
Congregational Prayer
GEMS Celebration Video
Offering Introduction:  GEMS
Prayer for GEMS 

God Sends Us With a Blessing    
*God’s Blessing
*Parting Song:  LUYH 928 vss 1-4, Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service  

Postlude:  Because He Lives (Amen) – Matt Maher 

Post Service Zoom Prayer:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/4960424831?pwd=UitlRjRwOVpGQlVWM2I2cFNUVk05dz09

At WECRC we believe Christians are called to be generous with the resources God has entrusted to us. We are inspired to give freely of ourselves, our time, our talents and our treasures as the visible expression of our love for God and each other.  During this period of COVID-19 we encourage you to continue tithing and steady giving, recognizing that some of you will be hard hit financially in this difficult time. May God provide.

How to Give

TODAY:  GEMS.  GEMS is an acronym for Girls Everywhere Meeting the Saviour.  This also describes our goal for the program. Girls learn more about the Lord and build relationships with their peers and GEMS leaders. During this pandemic year the GEMS Girls Club funds were used to support this ministry with materials for making beautiful crafts as well as literature for learning.  Money is also forwarded to the GEMS organization. 

Next Week:  Refugees.  Next Sunday we celebrate Justice Sunday with a focus on refugees. Over 26 million refugees in the world are seeking a safe home. Covid-19 has brought refugee resettlement to a virtual standstill. Our Refugee Committee is currently committed to sponsoring two families and a refugee claimant: 

  • Mary Jal’s mother and daughter fled Sudan in 2016 and have been refugees in Ethiopia. Mary’s granddaughter, Hanna, is the third member of this family reunification sponsorship approved in early 2019. They await medical exams and visas so they can come to Edmonton.
  • Aklilu, Sara, and their two young children are Eritrean refugees in Sudan. Their sponsorship was approved in November 2020.
  • We are also supporting refugee claimant, Rebecca, in her appeal process so that she can stay in Canada.

A small portion of the offering will also be given for World Renew’s work with refugees. Through these offerings we share Christ’s love and bring hope to those who so urgently seek a new homeland.

Giving at a Glance:  Check out Directions for a financial update from our treasurer for the first 3 months of 2021.  We are grateful for gifts of $16,127.00 for World Renew – Canada Foodgrains Bank.  This amount will be matched up to 4 x through the Foodgrains Bank and the Canadian Government.  We rejoice that as God has given to us, so we have given back to Him.