October 18 – 10:00 am

Pre-service song:  Still 

God Calls Us to Worship  
*Song of Approach:  LUYH 527 vss 1-3 Come Away From Rush and Hurry
*Call to Worship:  Psalm 108:1-4
*God’s Greeting:  2 Peter 1:2
*Song:  Come People Of The Risen King vss 1-3

We are Reconciled to God
Children’s Message
God’s promises confirmed in baptism to Jack Daniel Klomps
* Song: LUYH 339  vss 1-2 He Knows My Name

We Respond with Prayer and Thanks
Offering Introduction:  Disability Concerns
Prayer for Disability Concerns
Congregational Prayer and Prayer for the Holy Spirit’s Presence and Help

God Comes to Us in His Word
Scripture Reading:   Hebrews 7:23-28
Message:  ‘Completely’ Saved

We Celebrate the Lord’s Supper
*Apostles Creed
Celebrating Communion
*Song of Response: LUYH 682 vss 1-3 Before the throne of God above
*Song of thanksgiving: LUYH 571 Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven vs 1, 5

God Sends Us With a Blessing    
*God’s Blessing:  Numbers 6:24-26
*Parting Song:  LUYH 578 vs 1-2 Forever
Postlude:  My Redeemer Lives


At WECRC we believe Christians are called to be generous with the resources God has entrusted to us. We are inspired to give freely of ourselves, our time, our talents and our treasures as the visible expression of our love for God and each other.During this period of COVID-19 we encourage you to continue tithing and steady giving, recognizing that some of you will be hard hit financially in this difficult time. May God provide.

How to Give

This Weeks offering cause:  Disability ConcernsDisability Concerns helps churches become healthier communities that intentionally seek to end the isolation and disconnectedness of persons with disabilities and their families, to nurture the spiritual lives of people with disabilities so that they become professing and active members of their churches, and to encourage the gifts of people with disabilities so that they can serve God fully in their churches. Their website https://www2.crcna.org/disability  contains valuable information and learning. Please consider supporting the ongoing work of Disability Concerns by giving generously to the offering today.

Next week:  Calvin Theological Seminary:  Calvin Theological Seminary: Calvin Seminary’s mission is to prepare people to lead in ministry, to give them what they need to respond to the Holy Spirit’s call throughout their lives, to bring nations to Christ, build His church, and extend God’s kingdom.

Thanksgiving Food Drive:  Thank you for your generous participation in the Thanksgiving Food Drive last week.  We were able to bring over 70 bags of food to the Christian Care Centre this week. They are grateful for West End’s sharing God’s good gift of food with their community.

Peter Fish:  It’s not too late to pick up a Peter Fish from the table in the foyer.  If you would like to make a donation instead of filling up a Peter Fish, you can make a donation to WECRC by cheque, etransfer or credit card.  Simply list Peter Fish in the memo line.  Peter Fish should come back to church by November 1.

Pilgrim’s Hospice:  Our Deacons responded to a donation appeal from Pilgrim’s Hospice Society, soon to open their brand new hospice centre, just down the road from WECRC.  The Deacon’s donated $500.00 from Special Causes which was matched by $500.00.  We received the following thank you!

“On behalf of Pilgrims Hospice Society, we wish to express our gratitude for your kind and generous gift towards our matching campaign. It is the amazing support of so many donors, such as yourselves, that have allowed us to build Edmonton’s first residential hospice and we are excited to share in this opportunity with you.  We can’t wait to open the doors and take you on a tour!”