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Church Library

person standing in libraryThe church library serves as a way to develop the strength  and knowledge of members of all ages through a variety of Christian materials. It has a large collection of books, videos, and music recordings. The library is open for about half an hour after Sunday morning services September through June, except on long weekends, and on one Sunday in each of July and August.

Recent additions to the library
Click on the link for additions to the library in December 2017.


Library Subject Categories
Cat. 01 – Bibles                                          Cat. 13 – Christian Living
Cat. 02 – Reference                                   Cat. 14 – Christianity & Culture
Cat. 03 – Theology                                     Cat. 15 – History, Biography, Factual
Cat. 04 – Christian Reformed Church     Cat. 16 – Humanities
Cat. 05 – Church History                           Cat. 17 – Sciences
Cat. 06 – Non-Christian Religions            Cat. 18 – Adult Fiction
Cat. 07 – Church Life                                 Cat. 19 – Juvenile
Cat. 08 – Worship                                      Cat. 19A – Teen Fiction
Cat. 09 – Church Education                      Cat. 20 – Music
Cat. 10 – Study Materials                          Cat. 21 – Family Entertainment
Cat. 11 – Evangelism, Missions                Cat. 22 – Small Groups
Cat. 12 – Youth Ministry

Library Holdings

All books and other items in the church library (nearly 4500 items) have been catalogued in a database called Librarything, which can be searched via the search box button below. If you know the author or the title of the item you are looking for, enter the author’s name or the title. If you do not have that information, you can enter the two-digit category number from the list in the box to the left, or the category subject name. The results page will show a list of all the ‘hits’, along with some information about each item. In addition, the right side of the screen will show a series of links, each of which can be clicked to find related results.


If you wish to browse the complete list of authors or ’tag’ keywords directly, go to Librarything via the button below and then click on ‘Authors’ or ‘Tags’ (just below ‘My Books’ on the navigation bar. Then click on a name or a tag (category number or keyword) to find a list of all library items that fit the criteria. When you have the information you are looking for, go to the previous screen and enter it in the search box to check its availability..

Borrowing Information

The borrowing period for all items is three weeks. The library gladly accepts monetary or material donations.
If you have a suggestion for the library, or a question, please send it to Lisa Snyder (library@westendcrc.ca).