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Pastoral Corner


From elder Mathew Schoonderwoerd

Seven Jewish Feasts, who cares?

Initially, I was not very interested in this Lent sermon series about the Old Testament Jewish feasts or festivals. It was basically meaningless to me. Who cares? Actually, it came down that I [Read More]

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Our deacons are committed to caring for needs of our congregation and community.  Members of WECRC are encouraged to log in to the Members Page to find out more.

Our community has needs as well. Currently we support those needs through the agencies in our neighbourhood, like the Christian Care Centre, at 10137 150 Street, 780-484-5847.

Church Life


05 April 2020

The Feast of Firstfruits

“Hosanna!  Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord

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Leviticus 23-9:14


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Council Updates

As our new reality begins to sink in for many of us, a note to let you know how things are at West End. We continue to face significant restrictions to our daily lives, but there is also goodness and hope to share. [Read More]

Faith Formation Resources

Faith Formation

Welcome to our new Faith Formation resource centre!  You’re one-stop centre for discipleship resources for families, parents, grandparents and anyone else interested in helping children grow in faith, hope and love.  Remember!  Discipleship doesn’t need to be fancy, or complicated.   

Click here for a link to regularly updated “at home” discipleship resources, podcasts and books, to help engage children in God’s Great Story! 

Use the sign up form below to sign up for a simple daily devotional email based on the Jesus Storybook Bible, or to join our ZOOM Faithwak class on Sunday mornings at 9:30am, or ZOOM Compel! following our service livestream.   

Children’s Worship Papers and Compel! questions will also be attached to the weekly “Thinking of the Weekend” emails. 

Children at the Lord’s Supper brochure

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