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West Of 60 Seniors Visit Three Places Near Lacombe

October 22, 2013 A group of WestOf60 Seniors rode a bus to the Lacombe area where they visited  the Sylvan Star Cheese Factory, Gull Valley Greenhouses, and Bles-Wold Farms. In between they enjoyed lunch together. Jack Vanden Born and Jim Vriend captured the tour in a...

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West Of 60 Visit St Mary and St Mark Coptic Orthodox Church

September 26, 2013 Approximately 25 seniors boarded a bus and traveled to to the southeast corner of Edmonton for a visit to St Mary and St Mark Coptic Orthodox Church, part of a very old church that has its roots in Egypt (the name ‘Copt’ actually refers to Egypt),...

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West Of 60 Dinner Trip to Bruce

August 16, 2013 A group of some 45 seniors from our congregation, under the capable leadership of Joanne Vriend and Yikka Van Kempen rode a bus to the small town of Bruce for a steak dinner in the Bruce Hotel. [button...

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West Of 60 tours the Legislature Building

April 10, 2013 A group of some 20 seniors from our congregation toured the Legislature Building, saw our government in action, and met briefly with Steve Young (MLA for Riverview). [button...

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