From Pastor Rick Mast

A church is, simply and truly, people. Ultimately, people are a part of church because of love.

The source of love is God, God’s own self. That’s why we’re here on the corner of 100 Avenue and 149 Street. Love is why there’s a faith community here. Historically however, God forgive us, some Christians sometimes get this horribly wrong, the living out of that love – like some forms of war, or Crusades, Residential schools, some history of marginalizing people different from us.

But there’s power in love. We all can, and do, make mistakes. There’s power in love to help and heal when nothing else can.

There’s power in love to lift up and liberate when nothing else will.

There’s power in love to show us the way to live.

Overall, the people of God are to put on love which binds them together in perfect unity.

The fire of love!

French Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, was a minister, scientist, scholar, and mystic. In some of his writings, he said that the discovery, or invention, or harnessing of fire was one of the great scientific and technological discoveries in all of human history. de Chardin claimed that if humanity ever harnesses energy of something like fire again, if humanity ever captures the energy of love – it will be the second time in history that we have discovered fire.

Jesus demonstrated to us that this is what God is like. When people love, through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, sometimes till death do them part, they are on the right path. May it be so with us, as we are church together.