From Pastor Gordon Pols

COVID-19… is it of God or Satan?

COVID-19 has brought a lot of devastation.   It has sickened millions – leaving some with permanent health scars.  It has killed a multitude – snatching away people dearly loved and leaving painful gaping holes in the fragile fabric of families and friends.  It has ruined the personal finances, the incomes, the businesses of countless people around the world, and plunged the finances of whole nations into an unimaginably deep hole.  In a world in which human relationships have already been virtually reduced by digital media COVID-19 has been serving to greatly accelerate this trend.  Personal in-the-flesh interactions and group/community activities (such as public worship services) have taken a hard hit. COVID-19 has struck a mean blow at relationships that are near the heart of what it means to be human.

Is COVID-19 of God or Satan?

Surely COVID-19 has the fingerprints of an enemy all over it!  COVID-19 is not the work of a friend, of an ally.

And yet… Adam’s faith was tested in the garden.  Abraham’s faith was tested by near unbelievable promises and by God’s demand that he sacrifices his son.  Israel’s faith was tested at the doorstep of the Promised Land… and then by 40 years in the wilderness.  Jesus’ faith was tested by Satan when he was driven by the Spirit (of God) into the wilderness for 40 days.

Being tested is an essential characteristic for all the people of God.

On the one hand COVID-19 is a temptation to deny faith in an all-powerful, loving, caring, compassionate, sin-forgiving, life-maintaining and life-restoring God.

On the other hand, COVID-19 is a test, a trial a call and a challenge to believe in God, to trust in God, to hold on to God… the God who so loved the world that….

Which is it for you?  Is COVID-19 a temptation to deny… or a test to believe… in God?  Surely it is both. And, as always in these cases, it is for you to choose, to decide.

How you answer will make a difference for you today… and forever.

May the Lord bless you and keep you… turn his face towards you and give you PEACE.