From Pastor Cecil Van Niejenhuis

With the turn of the weather, I’ve been attending to all those things outside which need doing before winter comes: trimming back perennials, tucking things away in the garage, raking, finishing up with the garden, getting hoses and water pumps drained—you undoubtedly have your own list. It’s not the same each year—but there comes a day, often quite abruptly, when the season changes. Like it or not.

Thankfully, we can count on the fact that God’s faithful holding of this creation ensures that the seasons continue to take their turns. Oh, it would be nice if some of the seasons had turns that lasted a bit longer, and if winter would take a small step back…

But there’s something that winter teaches. We put on warmer clothes, boots, toques, scarves—whatever protective clothing it takes to continue with the nuts and bolts of life, the work, the play, the connecting with others. We don’t stop driving, but we do put on snow tires. We find ways to cope with the challenges that cold weather and ice and snow and bulky clothes so that we keep living.

Meanwhile, there’s been a new season underway. An unfamiliar and especially challenging season. Like winter, it came upon us rather abruptly. And it has stayed.  Oh, we’ve been hoping that the COVID season would be brief, allowing a return to the regular programming. But there’s this second surge underway—a storm for which the meteorologists cannot give us precise information about its track, its duration, and even its impact.

The season is longer than preferred. It calls for patience, for resolve, for creativity and for courage. Just the kind of thing that people familiar with winter understand. Oh—and a healthy serving of God’s grace to warm us, and calm us.