From Pastor Lisa Vander Leek

One benefit of this season of physical distancing has been the return to the outdoors.  Unable to gather inside, we’ve flooded parks, and rediscovered the simple enjoyment of a river valley walk, or bike ride.  Gary Thomas in his book “Spiritual Pathways” acknowledges that one of the ways in which human beings are designed to grow in relationship with God is through the physical world (some theologians label it “general revelation”…).  There is something about trees, sunsets and waterfalls that have us standing in wonder, and exclaiming “How Great is our God, the creator of heaven and earth.”  The majesty and wonder of the natural world speaks to us, not only of God’s magnificent joy and creativity, but also God’s loving care and providence.  The psalms are filled with jubilant exclamations at God’s wonderous works: “I want to tell everyone I know about you.  I want to sing about how much you love me, about the beautiful world you made.  I will sing for you all day long!” (Psalm 89, in “Psalms for young children”).  So the next time you venture out of doors, take a moment to breathe in the wonder and amazement of the Psalmist at God’s Good Creation and give praise.