Church Family Chats

Church Family Chats: February 7, we kick off a new season of Church Family Chats in collaboration with two of our sister churches, Inglewood and Covenant CRCs. Our first session will feature astronomer Dr. Brian Martin, Professor of Astronomy Emeritus. The topic: The James Webb Telescope and 13-billion-year-old Starlight. The James Webb telescope was launched in 2022 and positioned in the dark vacuum of space a million and a half kilometers from earth. It provides a monumental leap forward in giving astronomers insight into the development of our early universe. It gathers light from galaxies that formed in the infant universe and helps us gain unprecedented insight into how and when God formed the visible universe. This presentation will take place at 7 pm, Tuesday, February 7, in Covenant CRC. You are invited to attend in person or by livestream from the link on our website: or catch it later on YouTube from the link also provided on the website.