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Fellowship Groups

groupThe congregation at West End is divided into eight fellowship groups or mini-congregations, each with 75 to 90 people of all ages, as cross-sections of the make-up of our congregation. Each group, under the leadership of an elder, a deacon, and a coordinator works at creating a family atmosphere where everyone is accepted, cared for, and encouraged – in one word: loved. Social gatherings help people to get to know each other better, Bible studies help them grow in their faith, and acts of service help the members express their Christian love by meeting special needs in the group, in the congregation, or in the community.

Contact the church office if you would like more information about the fellowship groups.

The members of the fellowship group leadership teams are listed below. A searchable file with the composition  of the different fellowship groups is accessible by clicking here (NOTE: you must log in or be logged in with a username to view the list).


Fellowship Group Leadership Teams

Fellowship Group 1

Elder: Linda Piers, Deacon:  Fran Aaarnoutse, Coordinator: Yolanda Priddle/Christine Van Sloten

Fellowship Group 3

Elder: Adrian Aarnoutse Jr., Deacon: Johan van den Heever, Coordinator: Stephanie Harmata

Fellowship Group 4

Elder: Gerry/Lyda Uitvlugt Deacon: Graeme Vriend, Coordinator: Joyce Klomps

Fellowship Group 5

Elder: Geoff Vogan, Deacon: Tim Pasma, Coordinator: Lysa Van Herk

Fellowship Group 6

Elder: Henry Koopmans, Deacon: Jim Vriend, CoordinatorAndrea Brandsma/Justine VanderVeen

Fellowship Group 7

Elder: Matt & Margaret Schoonderwoerd, Deacon: Irene Vriend, CoordinatorAnn McKinnon

Fellowship Group 8

Elder: Sandra Marcus, Deacon: David Voogd, Coordinator: Sofia Stephen

Fellowship Group 9

Elder:  Geraldine Vander Meulen, Deacon: Jack Vooys, CoordinatorHeidi Dasilva