David Van Berkel

September 17, 2020

Council Highlights – August 31, 2020

Chair of council, Michelle Rooker, welcomed council members to their first meeting of the season. Over 30 participants attended the online meeting, with both retiring and new elders and deacons in attendance.

Kevin Visscher provided an update on Church Renewal Lab (CRL). The renewal process includes a time of listening, imagining, and doing. Values that define West End CRC include prayer, equipping, welcoming and enfolding, community engagement, and faith formation. COVID-19 has interrupted the path the team was on as it intended to engage more fully with the congregation. Team members have been forced to get creative and work around the obstacles placed before them. To get back on track, they will work closely with ministry and program leaders to develop new proposals.

Council accepted the membership of Vivian Elzen from Maranatha CRC, Edmonton and accepted the transfer of Bill and Astrid Ekkelenkamp to Trinity CRC, Edmonton.

Michelle Rooker provided a briefing to Council on the discussion of Council Executive at their August 25th meeting with regard to West End CRC, COVID-19 and decisions made about ministries and activities starting up this fall.

On Monday, September 14, all Council and Fellowship Group Coordinators met to review West End CRC’s ministries and talk about how we do them. The evening included an orientation for new members of Council, as well as an opportunity for Leadership Teams to meet and talk about the upcoming year.

Council Executive is scheduled to meet again on Monday, October 5.