Council Update

January 14, 2021

Dear congregation,

The turning of the calendar to a new year often inspires a renewed sense of optimism and hope.  This New Year’s Eve, many of us were ready to close the door on a difficult 2020 and look forward to a bright 2021.  However, we are two weeks into this year, and we have been starkly reminded that previous challenges have carried through with us.  We have watched the unfolding situation in the United States with sadness, and we worry about friends and family who live in a nation that seems to be on the brink of further violence.  Closer to home, the promise of a vaccine and the easing of Covid restrictions is a light on a distant horizon, amid the reality of continued pressure on our health care system, and positive cases in our community.

Council executive met last week to discuss current guidelines and a path forward for the congregation.  The current guidelines state that “In-person faith group meetings are permitted, when conducted at a place of worship as long as physical distancing and public health measures are followed”.  Executive has decided that in-person activities will resume for GEMs, Cadets, Youth, Seniors Bible Study and Adult Education Events.  At this time all committee meetings will continue to meet on-line as we are following the guidance that work should be conducted remotely whenever possible.  Once again, we are balancing the needs of the congregation for faith building activities and our responsibility to each other and the community we live in.  As our ministry programs get underway, we are looking for volunteers for our children and youth programs.  Please contact Pastor Lisa or ministry leads if you have questions or would like more information.

There is much to be thankful for this year as well.  As announced in the bulletin last week, we have met our expenses for 2020, including the full allotment of our ministry shares.  Thanks to all of our contributors for this endorsement of the ministry of our congregation, even when we have been physically apart from each other.

Much of what we are currently living through is often described as history-making.  Often, the news that we hear is focussed on negative events, and the pain and discord in our world.  However, I have found comfort in these words of the contemporary testimony Our World Belongs to God section 12 “Even now, as history unfolds in ways we know only in part, we are assured that God is with us in our world, holding all things in tender embrace and bending them to his purpose. The confidence that the Lord is faithful gives meaning to our days and hope to our years.  The future is secure, for our world belongs to God.”


In Christ,

Michelle Rooker