Pastoral Note

Stage 2.  Some things have changed significantly (we can eat in restaurants again and be up to 30% for worship) and some things have not changed (still masks; no indoor gatherings).  But bigger changes are on the horizon.  Even though current hospitalizations and those in ICU are still higher, It is striking to see how the numbers of those who test positive for Covid have dropped so significantly and so quickly.  For that we are very thankful as that is what has allowed for current and coming changes.  We also recognize that for some of us the pace of change planned does not necessarily match the pace of increased safety we might feel, and that makes sense. We’ve been in this for a while and we don’t trust so easily.   So we will walk carefully and safely with each other as we move forward while we also work with the opportunities of lifting restrictions. At the same time we know that Covid is not the only concern among us.  Cancer, surgery, depression, broken relationships, loneliness – to mention a few – are there and for many of these concerns there are no simple restrictions that we can just reduce to make things better.  That’s where we fit in as the body of Christ.  Taking a moment to mail a card, make a call, send a text, drop off a meal can make a big difference in knowing we do not walk alone and feeling a little more ‘safe’.  I am grateful for the stories of hear of when/where this happens.  It’s an encouragement and invitation to all of us to be the presence of Christ, even in just a small way, in the life of another.  It’s what helps keep hope alive and keeps us facing God.