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Administrative Position


West End CRC is looking for one of its qualified members to take on the role of Administrator.  This part time position requires a time investment of up to 20 hours/week.  Working closely with the Lead Pastor, the administrator will support and supervise all West End staff, be an encourager and team builder, conduct staff evaluations, as well as coordinate and oversee various administrative activities and responsibilities. In addition to being responsible for all WECRC communications and media platforms, this position will assume all WECRC Clerk responsibilities and will attend Congregational, Council, Executive, Administration Committee and Staff Relations Committee meetings as a non-voting member.  Flexibility exists in the position to accommodate an arrangement that accomplishes the objectives. Administrative experience, creativity, strong people, leadership, supervisory and organizational skills are key to succeeding in this role.  Copies of the job description are available on the website or from the church office. 

 If you have questions about the position and its possibilities, please contact Jody Groenendyk at clerk@westendcrc.ca or Kevin Visscher at kevin.visscher@ghtgroup.net. If interested in submitting a resume and a proposal on how you would fill this position, please email Jody by December 12, 2017.  Anticipated start date March 1, 2018.